Lilly Steele

Owner and manager

Aerial Yoga Fit, Personal Training, Aerial Conditioning, Circus Style Aerial Fabrics

Lilly's early movement background is firmly grounded in dance. Dancing her entire life she would be the first to tell you it is her first true love. In 2012 Lilly received her NASM Personal Training Certification. Through this certification process she was able to further build a solid foundation of knowledge to safely and confidently guide a community of movers. 

Lilly Steele strives to bring a movement filled lifestyle to anyone interested in rediscovering play as a way to benefit the body and mind. She believes that dance and circus arts have the potential to spread the fun of health and fitness while transforming the body. Pairing this passion for dance and play with a more traditional fitness path, Lilly believes that anyone can find their niche in a healthy lifestyle.


We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.
— George Bernard Shaw


Customer Relations Specialist and Mascot

Harlo, a rescue pup, has a highly developed sense of commitment to customer satisfaction. She is very passionate about her job and takes welcoming quite seriously. She warmly greets with a tail wag and many kisses, making sure everyone is taken care of.