Aerial Yoga Fit


In this class we work on strength and flexibility while using the soft fabric hammock as our equipment. These Fabric loops will be utilized in each exercise we do, both supporting you in some poses and challenging you in others. This fitness class draws inspiration from Aerial Arts, Pilates, Yoga, Ballet, and suspension training such as TRX.  All levels can participate! 

The class structure is always the same, while the individual sequences are switched up each class for variety. We always begin with a few warm up sequences, followed by a variety of exercises and stretches both standing and leaning on the fabrics, next I will guide you through a few inversions to decompress the spine and let you use gravity to assist you in some stretches. Lastly each class will end with a Savannah where you are cradled in the fabric hammock!

In home Personal Training

In home personal training sessions are geared toward empty nesters, the 50+ crowd. It's never too late to work on strength, flexibility, and functional movement. By training a few times a week one can reduce their risk of falls and related injuries, arthritis related pain, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, general aches and pains and many other age related ailments. 

With Lilly's creative mind your home can serve as a perfect location for personal training. We will utilize your homes features and furniture such as stairs, hallways, and chairs to create safe and effective ways to improve your strength, endurance, coordination, proprioception and more.

Circus Style Aerial Silks


In Aerial Silks you will learn a variety of skills that build on each other such as  a variety of climbs, wraps, knots and body positions on the fabrics. Think of this class as learning a skill where the extra bonus is a wonderful workout! 

There are a variety of class levels in Circus Style Aerial Silks and each student will start low to the ground in the Intro class. After a number of classes, as strength, endurance and familiarity are gained, the student and Lilly will together decide when that student can that move up to a higher level class.