Bend and Split

This is a full body flexibility class with an emphasis on splits. You will learn safe and effective ways to get your splits for the first time or to improve the splits you already have into over splits! There are many old school ways of improving your flexibility but let Lilly teach you the most up to date and healthy ways of improving your flexibility. Lilly enjoys utilizing active flexibility, PNF methods and even some physical therapy exercises to make sure that all of those flexibly gains are happening in ways that are safe for the joints and so that you learn why these methods work better!

Conditioning and Injury Prevention

Often, we fall in love with a physical activity like Aerial, CrossFit, Yoga, Rock Climbing or other sport, and we start to become imbalanced in our muscles and bodies because of the repetition of our main activity. While a lot of these other activities are full body workouts and do a great job of addressing most of the muscles, nothing is perfect or absolutely complete. This incomplete approach is why imbalances and over work of the same movements can cause aches and pains that don’t need to be there. Taking Lilly’s Conditioning and injury prevention class will help you work through some of these overuse injuries while also helping to improve the strength, range of motion and control of those muscles that get neglected from your usual physical activities!


This fun and unique class will have you crawling, hopping and rolling about the room as you learn techniques based in range of motion improvement. These exercises can later be used in your warmups to help prepare the body for your main activities or can be done on their own as the workout. You will learn fun movements that challenge your flexibility, wake up your mind body connection and help activate all of the supporting muscles that protect your joints. Get ready to open your mind and body to a whole new world of physical fitness.

Partner Stretch

Everything is more fun when you get to bring a friend or partner along! Learn safe, effective and fun stretches you can do with a partner so that you can improve your flexibility and range of motion together! This class can be taken with a partner, friend, sibling or even a stranger! You will have fun while learning techniques like active flexibility exercises, PNF exercises and more! You will also learn how to trust someone else to help you deepen your flexibility practice while simultaneously learning how to communicate with a partner so that you both get the best from stretching with a partner safely.