Lilly loves working with personal training clients looking to improve their strength, flexibility, body awareness and functional movement. By training a few times a week one can see great improvement in these areas. Each session is one hour long and will be tailored specifically to each client with a focus on body weight exercises. These exercises can be surprisingly challenging and highly effective. 

Whether you prefer to train in the privacy of your home or another location such as a gym, studio or in a park, Lilly enjoys working in a variety of locations.


$70            60 Minute Session (in home or studio)






For 2 1/2 years I have been training with Lilly. I was 62 years old when I started and had really let myself go. We gradually worked up to a more vigorous regimen to where now I can walk at a fast pace with interval training with ease for at least an hour. I cannot run due to some severe back injuries I had previously suffered. We sought a regimen to accommodate my disability and succeeded. I feel much better now and with less back pain. Lilly is professional and really one of the must cheerful persons I have ever met. I think she is ideal for an older person like me who had neglected his fitness and had given up because of the lower back pain. I walk and exercise every day and will really miss training with her (our loss your gain). I think it would benefit you to train with her as she is attentive to your needs and always has a cheerful disposition.
— Mike Teepe, 64 years old St. Louis, MO
I have trained with Lilly Steele three times a week for four years. Obviously I am a satisfied customer. I would love to say Lilly Steele makes me want to work out but I am not an athlete and it is sufficient for me that she gets me to work out even though I don’t really want to. And she does it in the most delightful way. Lilly is the most upbeat person I have ever met and her happiness is contagious.
— Joel Slotnikoff. 72 years old St Louis, MO